I am 51yrs of age and have been doing Pilates Reformer with Fran for the past 3 years twice a week. Im an addict! The amazing core strength you get  and the feeling you get after the class is great. You walk out of Fran’s class feeling strong and that you have worked your muscles from the inside out. LOVE IT!!!

Pilates Matwork Classes

This is Great class to give you  the foundation of all Pilates work, a fluid series of floor work exercises designed to increase core strength and flexibility, while improving posture and incorporating breathing and concentration techniques with the use of our Pilates circles, fit balls, foam rollers, therabands and hand weights.


Pilates Reformer Classes

Work your body like you never thought possible!! Using our Pilates reformer machines you will lengthen and strengthen muscles without the bulk.

This workout is designed to work the deepest abdominal muscles while dramatically sculpting your legs, butt, arms and back. With this class you will have worked your entire body – feeling totally exhilarated!