I am 51yrs of age and have been doing Pilates Reformer with Fran for the past 3 years twice a week. Im an addict! The amazing core strength you get  and the feeling you get after the class is great. You walk out of Fran’s class feeling strong and that you have worked your muscles from the inside out. LOVE IT!!!

PowerFIT Pilates Creator and Director

Fran Groenendijk:

Nine years ago I started on my Pilates journey, I achieved my certificate III in Mat Work Pilates, which lead me to pre and post natal Pilates certification, I knew from here onwards this was just the beginning for me.

I continued on my learning journey, by completing Allegro A1, A2 & A3 teacher training Reformer classes at Polester Pilates International, further to this I have achieved certification in Roman Pilates, advanced Reformer.

My thrust for knowledge in this area does not stop with the completion of a course, I continually search and seek new methods and practices so my clients can get the best possible results to fulfil their goals.

I have been in the fitness industry for over 14 years where I have successfully managed a high energy and busy fitness centre.  If you can think of it, then I have done it when it comes to the fitness industry – Here are just some of my goals that I have achieved throughout my career:

Fitness Instructor for: Step, Pump, Spin, Fat Burner, Gentle Exercise, Cross Fit, Boxing, Aqua Aerobics, Swimming, and Pregnancy Fitness Classes

Personal Training for: Pilates Reformer, One-on-One & Small Group Session, Weight Loss Programs and Rehabilitation

Specialty Areas In: Specialised in TRX/Functional training programming, Power plate vibration machine, Weight Loss mentoring programs, Posture analysis and specialised programming for injuries

As you can see I have achieved a lot in my career, however I knew that something was missing from the standard exercise regimes, I was seeing to many people with injuries that should have been avoided, so this is why I started my search…

And I found mine and your answer – PILATES